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3 Must-Buy Gadgets For the Student||

3 gadgets that will make student life easier Multi-device keyboards. Cooling Pads. Amazon Kindle.      The #laptop, Tablet ,and mobile are the necessary #digital_equipment for the students of the 21st century, though many students use tablets or mobile instead of the laptop.      Here are the 3 supporting accessories for laptops, and tablets/mobile for them, with a description.   (1) Logitech K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard for Chrome OS - Bluetooth/USB Receiver, Easy Switch, 24 Month Battery, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop Compatible - Graphite     To work with ease on tablet/mobile as a laptop QWERTY type keyboard, they can use this Bluetooth keyboard. There are heaps of Bluetooth keyboards in the market. Care should be taken to buy a keyboard that is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. The Logistic K480 keyboard works well with smartphones and tablets. This keyboard is very thin in appearance and also light in weight. It can be easil